Indonesia September/October 2005

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We had a great time when we visited Indonesia for the first time in 2003. With a sabbatical from work this year, I wanted to go again, and for an extended time. This time we visited two locations in Indonesia: Wakatobi in South Sulawesi and Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, with a few days in Bali in between. The diving was fabulous. The only problem was dealing with the copious quantities of photos afterwards! They're finally done, and I created a few things for people to enjoy. I did the normal Exhibition Engine gallery for each location. But since there are hundreds of photos in those galleries, I also created a selects gallery with just a fraction of the images from both places, using a new Flash format that I'm playing with.

I also created two multimedia slideshows. One is for PC only (or Mac with a PC VM running) and in executable format for download and playback. The second is a Quicktime movie, which has no captions, but can be played on Mac platforms. Anyway, here they all are:

Enter Indonesia 2005 Selects Gallery
Enter Wakatobi 2005 Full Gallery
Enter Lembeh 2005 Full Gallery

Both slideshows -1024x768. 35Mb and 14 minutes running time.
Please save to your local disk before running these.
Indonesia 2005 EXE Multimedia Show
Indonesia 2005 Quicktime Show

Hope you enjoy this Indonesian experience!


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