Indonesia October/November 2009

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Triton Bay, Raja Ampat and Bali..

After our wondrous trip to Raja Ampat in 2008, I wanted to go back. This time the itinerary started in Triton Bay on the liveaboard SMY Ondina, and ended in Sorong, after diving throughout the journey at Triton Bay, Fak Fak, Misool, and Kri.

The diversity of the diving and the marine life in Raja Ampat was all that I had remembered and more. Triton Bay is known for its nutrient rich waters and less than optimal visibility and I ended up shooting more macro there than I'd expected. The water is also quite a bit colder than Raja Ampat, and I was only marginally equipped for it. This lead to fewer dives and less photographic productivity for me as well. I did find the area fascinating and some of the marine life was quite amazing. But I am looking forward to going back and spending more time in Raja Ampat in the next round.

As with the 2008 trip, the Triton Bay/Raja Ampat portions of the trip were organized by Deb Fugitt and Tony Matheis, folks that I am happy to travel with anytime. They are great at running these trips!

We also stayed in Bali for a week after the liveaboard charter and spent a few days at Scuba Seraya, to dive the area for the first time. Spent time at the Liberty Wreck and muck diving around the resort. The diving was quite good, though I would make more effort next time to avoid the crowded sites and times. After diving, we went up to Ubud to spend a couple of days shopping and dining and enjoying the sights. Bali is a wonderful place to explore on land!

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