Lembeh Strait  May 2006

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Lembeh Strait, redux..

I had such a wonderful time in Lembeh Strait on our extended trip last summer, that when friend of mine said she was going to be in Indonesia, Malaysia and India on a business trip, and asked if I wanted to go diving, I said "YES!", and "We have to go to Lembeh!". This was a short trip for me, with only 5.5 days of diving, but I enjoyed every minute underwater. Critter-wise, it was more quiet than in October, but we were gifted with not one, but two rhinopias in beautiful colors, and I got to see my first adorable little boxer crabs. Thanks to our wonderful guides, especially Liberty and Robin. And thanks to Leslie, for inviting me!

Here I have links to my full gallery, and have also created a short "selects" gallery. Also, there is a slideshow for Windows PC (exe). I hoped to create a QT slideshow for Macs, but Liveslideshow doesn't seem to want to import my jpgs this time around, so it may take a while. If I can solve the issue, I'll update this page later. (Or Mac people can run the PC slideshow on VirtualPC (PPC) or Parallels/Bootcamp (Intel); that's what I do on my Mac)

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