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Lembeh Strait November 2007

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Back to the land of the weird and wacky ..

One of my very favorite places in the world is Lembeh Strait. This unique area in Indonesia is home to an amazing array of strange and sophisticated marine life. It was my third trip to this place, and I never get tired of it. Blue ring octopuses, harlequin shrimp, rhinopias - we saw it all.

I have nearly 600 photos in the main gallery. It's alot to expect folks to peruse through, so there is also a short "selects" gallery that basically contains the same photos as in the slideshows. There are two slideshows, one for PC (exe) and one for Mac (Flash).

Enter Lembeh 2007 Selects Gallery
Enter Lembeh 2007 Gallery

PC Slideshow -1024x768. 21.8Mb and 8 minutes running time.
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Lembeh 2007 EXE Multimedia Show

Mac Slideshow -720x540. 38.1Mb and 8 minutes running time.
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Lembeh 2007 Flash Multimedia Show


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