Lembeh Strait November/December 2013

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The crazy place..with friends!

Lembeh Strait is not the place to go to see pretty reefs (even though there are a few) or big fish and blue water. No, it is the place to go to see crazy critters. And it seems that I can never get enough of those crazy critters, because Lembeh is a regular stop in my trip plans. This time we showed up with our friends Leslie and Amy along. And we returned to Lembeh Resort for our second time.

As usual, wonderful critters abounded. I'd never seen a juvenile zebra batfish before, and we saw several this trip! They were the highlight of the trip for me. There were blue ring octopuses, wonderpuses, coconut, long armed and mimic octpuses, and flambouyant, pygmy, broadclub cuttlefish and pygmy squids to round out the cephalopod presence. We saw several ribbon eels out swimming, and looking a bit desperate as they always do. Coleman shrimp were everywhere. There were many of the usual guys, hairy and other frogfishes, ghost pipefishes, pygmy seahorses, harlequin and hairy shrimps and boxer crabs. A fairly drab (insofar as they get) rhinopias. The bobbit worm weirdos... We went to see the mandarinfish again and they had a veritable party. And there was the most adorable diminuitive bamboo shark in all his stripey-ness.

After we were finished diving, we all went to Bali to relax, toodle around to see temples and rice fields, shop for wood and stone carvings, and spend a day learning to cook Balinese food. And apparently also to get chased by monkeys, which somehow always seems to happen!

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