Papua New Guinea  March/April 2001

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Harlequin Shrimp

Milne Bay, Papua New Guinea
April 5, 2001
Nikon RS, 50mm + 2x teleconverter
dual SS50 strobes, Fujichrome Velvia

In March of 2001, we travelled to Papua New Guinea for the first time. We stayed on the liveaboard M.V. Chertan in Milne Bay. Flora and fauna (including marine fauna) reminded me in many ways of the Solomon Islands, but we also encountered several creatures unique to the Milne Bay Province. The Papuan people are warm and friendly and we were treated to a choir of children who entertained us on the boat one evening. It was totally captivating.

I was experimenting with a new strobe configuration, and had some initial problems, so I did not end up with as many satisfactory images as I had hoped. I am especially disappointed that none of my flambouyant cuttlefish photos turned out. But underwater photography is about experimentation and learning. I am planning to return to Milne Bay to try capturing the flambouyant cuttlefish again. Toward the end of the trip, I also played with ambient light shooting using Provia as well as Scala black and white slide film, both with a 15mm Nikonos wide angle setup.

Again I've chosen to include some images that may be technically flawed, but have some critter interest to them. I have included a few topside photos.  Please enjoy your visit through these pages. I would love to hear your feedback if you would like to drop me a note or sign my guestbook.

M. V. Chertan


Island in Milne Bay

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