Papua New Guinea  April/May 2002

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In April of 2002, we took our second charter on the M.V. Chertan, in Milne Bay, PNG. This time, we booked the entire boat with friends, to ensure there would be an abundance of space and our choice of itinerary. I had a mission, which was to capture the flambouyant cuttlefish that had eluded me in the previous year, despite opportunities. I was not disappointed. We had a wonderful encounter with a very active flambo, as Captain Rob calls them. The trip yielded not only the flambo, but manta rays, mating nudibranchs with commensal shrimp aboard, twin frogfish sprinting and angling, agitated cuttlefish, ghost pipefish in walking crinoids, allied cowries, pygmy seahorses, giant mantis shrimp with tiny shrimp roommates, and mandarinfish when we least expected them! There were also some unusual critters such as pegasus fish, a pair of inimicus (devilfish), a stick fish, coleman shrimp, a mimic octopus and a wonderpus.

We had a great trip, and everyone was able to bring home copious photos. I have tried to narrow mine down for the web pages, but there are still nearly 300 here. So you may wish to select the "Favorites" category in the gallery search options to narrow it down..

Please enjoy your visit through these pages. I would love to hear your feedback if you would like to drop me a note or sign my guestbook.


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