Raja Ampat November 2008

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The loveliest reefs in the world..

Raja Ampat has held a magical attraction for me, and my visit there has been a long time in coming. Unspoiled reefs and great underwater critters, away from the crowds and the eco-pressures of the rest of the world. I finally got there on this trip, and we experienced a diverse range of habitats and marine life. From mangroves and jungle passages to current swept bommies and manta cleaning stations, this area has it all. I do intend to go back!

The trip was organized by Deb Fugitt and Tony Matheis to be photo-centric, and this focus made a great difference in my photo productivity, as we went to the right sites at the right times. Sometimes it was still a toss of the dice for currents, sunlight or visibility, but their locale specific knowledge really helped in choosing among our options.

There is an extended gallery, and a short selects gallery. My suggestion is to explore the selects gallery. There are also two slideshows, one for PC (exe) and one for Mac (Flash). I hope you enjoy this sojourn into the beyond!

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