Raja Ampat October/November 2011

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Raja Ampat, once again..

In 2011, we went back to Raja Ampat. And it had to happen sometime, since we've been so lucky with our equipment and health on virtually all of the trips we've made, but we had a few mishaps on this one. Some kind of super-cold virus was the most unpleasant aspect. And I had a series of camera equipment problems like never before, which resulted in the smallest collection of photos from a trip for me since I was a beginning underwater photog.

The area is still beautiful and I still enjoyed the diving. We tried out some new mangrove sites, which was exciting. I fear that the pressure of 40+ liveaboards has changed some of my favorite sites, which don't have the tons and tons of glassfish and silversides that I remember from past trips. Or it could just have been the conditions on our last couple of trips, which I will find out when we go there again!

Enjoy the gallery!

Enter Raja Ampat 2011 Gallery


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