Solomon Islands  October/November 2000

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Spinecheek Anemonefish

Maitu Island, Kokoana Passage
Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
November 10, 2000
Nikon RS, 50mm + 2x teleconverter
SS200, Fujichrome Velvia

Here are images from a recent trip to the Solomon Islands. The trip aboard the Bilikiki liveaboard boat was hosted by wonderful underwater photographers Chris Newbert and his wife Birgitte "Deda" Wilms (authors of the incredible coffee table books "Within a Rainbowed Sea" and "In a Sea of Dreams"). I found them gracious and fun hosts, and they were so inspiring that I took many more photos than on previous dive trips. I would have run out of film about halfway through the trip were it not for the generous nature of Deda, Scott and Diane Waring (managers aboard the Bilikiki) and Barry Kulick, another guest on board, all of whom managed to supplement my film supply. There is no place to buy film in the islands once the boat is underway!

There are approximately 170 images from this trip displayed here, and I've migrated them to a new area on the site, so I would appreciate it very much if you would report any problems to me. I've chosen to include some images that may be technically flawed, but have some critter interest to them. I also hope to get some of my topside photos added and perhaps more of a trip report at some point.  



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