Solomon Islands  November/December 2002

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In November of 2002, we traveled to the Solomon Islands for the third time, again with Chris Newbert and Deda Wilms. With the depressed economy, the Bilikiki was only half full (10 guests), and the guests were outnumbered by the crew. With so few of us, it was a fun and intimate trip.

I had two completely new cameras for this trip, and left my familiar RS at home. The new systems included an F100 in a Subal housing which I'd acquired a month before the trip, and a Subeye camera which arrived a week before the trip. I had some concern about bringing unfamiliar equipment, but I knew I'd be well supported on the trip. As it turned out, I had few equipment problems, and both systems worked wonderfully. The advantage of having both systems was that I was able to have a wide angle setup as well as a macro setup always available. This meant that I was able to shoot more wide angle than usual.

The marine life highlight of the trip was probably the blue ringed octopus on a thrill filled dusk dive. I also had alot of fun shooting coral hermit crabs and soft coral crabs. There were fewer nudibranchs and ghost pipefish than our previous trip, but many, many more huge nesting titan and peach faced triggerfish! Mobula rays, huge schools of jacks and barracuda, pygmy seahorses, battling lionfish, eagle and blue spotted rays, gray whaler and silvertip sharks, and a wonderful tiny red dragonet all rounded out the experience. I'm ready to go back!

Please enjoy your visit through this gallery. As always, I would love to hear your feedback if you would like to drop me a note or sign my guestbook.


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