Solomon Islands  December 2006

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Points south ..

The big trip for this year was to the Solomon Islands for the fifth time, and also down to Adelaide in South Australia for some wine touring and a leafy sea dragon hunt... A few days in Brisbane, two weeks on the MV Bilikiki in the Solomons, and a sunladen week in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.

I have links to both the Solomons and the Fleurieu Peninsula (where the leafies live) galleries. There is a short "selects" gallery that basically contains the same photos as in the slideshows. There are two slideshows, one for PC (exe) and one for Mac (Flash).

Enter Solomons/Fleurieu Selects Gallery
Enter Solomons 2006 Gallery
Enter Fleurieu Peninsula 2007 Gallery

PC Slideshow -1024x768. 25.8Mb and 9 minutes running time.
Please save to your local disk before running.
Solomons 2006 EXE Multimedia Show

Mac Slideshow -800x600. 40.9Mb and 9 minutes running time.
Save to your disk, unzip the file. Execute the player in the folder. (Use Cmd-F to fullscreen)
Solomons 2006 Flash Multimedia Show


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