Thailand/Myanmar  April/May 2004

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Having heard mixed messages about the diving in Thailand, I wasn't sure what to expect. Sparse or battered reefs, dynamite fishing, currents and crowds, but also harlequin shrimp, whalesharks, and seahorses... There was all of the above, and much more. Boarding the Ocean Rover liveaboard, we went on a whirlwind trip, hitting the Similan and Surin islands, and up into Myanmar (Burma) for some tremendous diving. Seasonal surge and currents made for challenging conditions at times. But the marine life more than made up for it. Many, many harlequin ghost pipefish, seahorses, harlequin shrimp, giant mantis shrimp and several nudibranchs I'd never seen before. A site where mantas visited for two days. A rare rhinopias in purple, and a mimic octopus! And the star of our show, a baby whaleshark who played with us for an hour.

The crew and service on the Ocean Rover was the best I'd experienced; we were pampered.. Hans and Andy were terrific guides and found amazing stuff. Having Thai food each night was a bonus :).

I hope you enjoy the photos!


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